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Attorney Stephen Wolfberg
40 Appleton Street
Cambridge, Ma 02138

Dear Gary:

As you know we have been doing business together for the last five years.  The first project you worked on for me was the sale of 25 condominium units in my building at 11-13 Story Street, Cambridge.  Since that project went very well I had you sell the 21 condominium units in my project at 333 Harvard Street, Cambridge.  That project also went very well.  As a result I retained you to sell the 38 condominium units in my project on Lowell Street, Somerville.  You have now found buyers for all but seven of those units.  You have always been responsive to any problems that have come up and have been fun to work with, which is probably the most important aspect of any working relationship.

Steve Wolfberg

Attorney Stephen Wolfberg

4 Kimball Lane
Cambridge, Ma 02140

March 10, 2011

To whom it may concern,

My sister and I had the pleasure of working with Gary Vrotsos when it came time to sell our motherís house.  He was very sensitive  to our needs knowing that we were still grieving.

Gary provided us with names of professional cleaners and others who performed to our satisfaction. He listed the house for one price and it sold for even higher the way it was marketed. He went out of his way to accommodate us;  always very accessible and knowledgeable.   Garyís son was also very personable and reassuring.  They make a great team.

In closing,  Iíd just like to state that if I ever need another realtor, Gary will be my choice.



Barbara Neenan

March 9, 2011

To whom it may concern:

This reference is written on behalf of Gary Vrotsos of whom we have the utmost confidence and support in for our past and future real estate transactions.

Gary Vrotsos has been our real estate agent for both the purchase of our two-family house as well as the subsequent selling of one of the two units as a separate condominium in the Huron Village area.  We plan to use Gary as our real-estate agent again when we sell our second condominium which is currently our primary residence.  My husband is in the finance industry and I am an obstetrician at Mass General Hospital.

Gary proved to be competent, trustworthy, responsive and effective in navigating the real estate market in Cambridge during both of our transactions.  He has great attention to the detailed nuances of a transaction; he was prompt and always followed through.  We trust his judgement as clearly his knowledge of the Cambridge real estate market is extensive given his decades of work in this community. We felt that we got to know Gary personally during these two real estate transactions.  We were pleased that during our first home purchase as husband and wife and now as a young family we were able to work with someone who we feel genuinely takes an interest in his clientsí lives.  We consider him a friend and are always pleased to see him out and about in Cambridge.  We have nothing but positive things to say about Garyís abilities as a real estate professional and as a neighbor/friend.


The Youngs, Huron Avenue

The Youngs

March 21, 2011

To whom it may concern:

I wholeheartedly recommend Gary Vrotsos, a very experienced real estate agent from Coldwell Banker. My partner and I recently moved to Massachusetts from New York City where we had lived for 25 years and we were not even looking to buy a house until we meet Gary.

He showed us two newly constructed single-family houses in Cambridgeport and carefully took us through what it would take to finance one or the other. He was very patient during our decision-making process about which house to make an offer on. He was incredibly responsive to all of our questions and concerns and he made outstanding referrals for mortgage assistance and legal services.

One of my responsibilities as Vice President for Campus Services at Harvard is to manage the real estate portfolio so I know what it takes to get deals done. Gary got me a great deal on a great house and I couldnít be happier.


Lisa Hogarty
Vice President for Campus Services

Lisa Hogarty

2 Gracewood Park
Cambridge, MA 02138

March 8, 2011

Dear Gary,

Iím happy to have the chance to say what a great job you did marketing my 16 Preston Rd. three-family house last summer.  Even though I have had lots of experience buying, selling and marketing real estate, I was quite stumped about how to move forward on selling that place. It was fully occupied by tenants with leases, most of whom had lived there for many years, even decades. It had a barn and basement filled with stuff, and some modest deferred maintenance issues. I knew I could make more money by doing a condo conversion, but I needed the funds from a sale sooner rather than later, and all the above-mentioned issues (especially the tenants) made that a complicated prospect.

You visited the property, establishing good relations with the tenants on that initial visit, and gave me excellent advice on the spot: that I sell it as a three-family, that we price it reasonably and have a very limited marketing period with a tight offer-due date.  Within a day or two you provided me with a batch of comps, and suggested three possible asking prices: high, middle and low.  I chose the lowest, told the tenants, and we put the house on the market within a week or so.

I was really impressed with the number of people your office was able to get through the house during the four or five windows of opportunity offered. Iím not sure we advertised at all; most if not all the visitors came as the result of your phoning and of the brokers open house you held. When I drove by during one of those showing periods, people were lined up on the walk and there was an atmosphere of excited anticipation.  Your assistants were managing the scene, both inside and out.  I kept in touch with my tenants and found they were all calmĖa bit nervous about the eventual outcome, but gratified by the way you were handling communication with them and by how smoothly the showing events were going.  And of course they were disturbed much less than they would have been by a conventional marketing plan.

At the end of the week you presented me with five offers.  Several came in over asking, and the winning bid was close to 100k over asking, cash, no inspection, no cleaning out of storage areas. etc.  In other words, potential buyers knew the competition would be stiff and wrote their offers accordingly. I donít believe this would have happened had they come to see the house under more ordinary circumstances. As far as I am concerned, your judgement about price was on the nose, and your handling of buyers, tenants, co-brokers and the anxious seller, was deft throughout. Obviously, you have my highest recommendation based on the way you managed this tricky transaction.


Morgan Mead

Morgan Mead